How the F**k it mentality can fix things

Here's a great analogy about change. Imagine a river. The riverbanks are our constants, the things we can be certain of, and the flowing river is the things that are changing.

I discovered this amazing video of a school of fish following a duck upstream like a golden rainbow. Something that, with our now clearer waters was beautifully visible.

The change we're facing is also presenting things we hadn't expected. For a slightly different way of looking at things in episode 15 of You Are Not A Frog, John C Parkin talked to me about the F**k it mentality, based on his book. John offers a great evidenced way to beat stress and change your life.

I'm not sure the fish had a collective "F**k it" moment when they decided to follow the swan, but I enjoyed the casual following the river of change.


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